Saturday, August 6, 2011

Are you an iOS state or an Android state?

Call it a mobile platform heat map of sorts, but we love it. Mobile ad firm Jumptap is out with their July 2011 report analyzing ad-tracking data of about 83 million users on its ad network. The above info graphic immediately captured our attention (via GigaOM) because it tells the story of the iOS vs. Android war in an electoral manner that evening newscasters had trained us to get. As you can see, iOS is doing pretty well in the Northeast and Midweast states, while Android leads in the South and Southweast parts (no, we ain’t making any conclusions here).

Also, Hawaii is a state that falls in the iOS camp, and Alaska over-indexes for both Android and iOS. One word of warning: That pretty chart is sourced from a limited selection of people on Jumptap’s ad network rather then actual sales numbers so the usual caveats apply. One other surprising factoid:

iOS devices came first in terms of ad click-through rate (0.52 percent) versus that of Sony Ericsson’s Android-drive devices (0.54 percent) or the industry average of 0.52 percent. One would think Android people click on ads more than users of any other mobile platform because Android apps and other content predominantly stems from the ad-supported free model. So, are you an iOS state or an Android state?

*thanks 9to5Google*
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