Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Samsung Patent Reveals Interface for Smartphone With Three-Sided Display

Samsung is reportedly planning to release a Galaxy smartphone with a three-sided display that wraps around the edges of the device. Now, a patent has surfaced that supports that claim and offers a look at how the device will work.

The patent is entitled, "Method and Apparatus for Operating Functions of Portable Terminal Having Bended Display," and is described as follows:

A portable terminal having a bended display divided into a main region of a front surface and a sub-region of a side of the portable terminal and operating functions of the portable terminal in connection with the main region and the sub-region, and a method of operating the same are provided. The method of operating functions of a portable terminal having a bended display, includes receiving an input of an event, determining a type of the input event, outputting event information, according to an internal event input based on the bended display, through at least one of a main region and a sub-region of the bended display when the input event is the internal event, and outputting event information, according to an external event input from an outside source, through the sub-region of the bended display when the input event is the external event.

The images below highlight some of the key interface functions that Samsung has patented.

Unlock by sliding your finger along the side display:

E-book chapter markers and bookmarks are presented on the side display.

Information about email attachments is shown on the side screen space.

A battery meter shows charging status on the side display.

Alphabetical subheadings for jumping quickly through contacts are pushed to the side.

A visual clipboard lets you drag items for clipping and sharing to the side display for reuse in different apps.

Similar to the contacts app, the side display is used as an index for quickly navigating through photos by date.

Instead of using a slider to unlock, you can place two fingers on specific areas of the side-screen.

If these concepts interest you, check out the real smartphone created by SEL to demonstrate their bendable display.

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